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Melaque Paradise is new, comfortable and accessible.
Their services are great ... is the place that has it all!

Trailer Park - 16 Spaces

We have space for 16 Rvs of 14x5 meters each. The surface is made of a material called clay. Our trailer park has beautiful gardens and green areas!

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Security 24 hours (24/7)

To ensure your peace of mind, your safety and comfort it will always be a person at the entrance. In addition, the trailer park is fully fenced (efficient perimeter fence).

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Taking Water (always available)

Each space has specifically their respective water intake, and drinking water completely guarantee by us, clean and ready for daily use.

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Electricity (electrical connections)

Access to electric light well suited to meet the multiple needs of your RV and all those appliances that you brought with you to this adventure!

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WiFi (Wireless Internet)

Wireless internet on site so you're always connected. Tell your friends and contacts
on the social networks about this spectacular space for RV and trailer park! ;) 

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Pool (Extra Fun)

We guarantee very clean and filtered water all the time, providing you with fresh and fun evening! The pool measures 11x6 mts. and has a depth of 1.40 mts.

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Mesa de Ping-Pong (more entertainment!)

For even more entertainment Melaque Paradise include a sensational ping-pong table for you to enjoy hours of extra fun.

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Loungers (Rest and Renewal)

Enjoy a nice tan and quiet and pleasant evening! Lie down, rest and relax in the most comfortable lounge chairs to enjoy your stay in Melaque Paradise!

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Equipped Terrace (Party and Roast)

Meet our fully equipped modern terrace! It has BBQ and the most comfortable garden furniture.

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Baths and Showers (Happiest Body and Mind)

Divided, good space, separated by gender (women-men) and have hot and cold water so you have all the comfort always at your fingertips.

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Drainage System (useful and functional)

Drain directly connected to the treatment plant wastewater Melaque Township, for you to use our facilities in a safe and also comfortable mode!

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Garbage Collection (Daily and Efficient)

Staff responsible for ongoing maintenance of the trailer park "Melaque Paradise" will pass every day to pick up trash, so you will always be in a clean, pleasant and friendly place!

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Laundry (Clean Clothes and Comfort)

We have washer and dryer (token system) for you to make easily your washing and feel like you Melaque Paradise were an extension of your home!

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Collection of Books (Entertaining Wisdom)

The best! To enjoy your stay nothing better than reading a good companion. Books available at all times. Exchanges are accepted: leaves the one you already read and take a new one. Don't You See? Melaque Paradise has it all!

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